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The Rice Institute

School of  Theological Education

A n  I c o n . . .

Bishop Calvin  Rice

Founder & CEO of  The Rice Institute

Senior Pastor of 

New Jerusalem Worship Center​

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New Jerusalem Worship Center

  Message  from  Our  Founder

Bishop Calvin  Rice

I have come to realize that God has seasons for His people and when you come into your season it is harvest time; and no demon in hell can stop or hinder your blessings. I am convinced that it is New Jerusalem's season and I am thrilled to be a part of the great harvest God is sending our way. Becoming a Christian is only the beginning of a wonderful new life. God rarely takes people to heaven the moment they become Christians. God has work for you to do here on earth.

Long before your birth, even before your conception God had you in mind (Jeremiah 1:5). All along God has had a distinct purpose for you to fulfill on earth and in eternity. But you will never find or fulfill that wonderful purpose unless you grow as a Christian. Simply being born again is not enough. YOU NEED TO FLY!

I believe God has great plans for us but those plans require us to reach a level of faith that can only be achieved through an aggressive teaching ministry that focuses on knowing Christ in all His fullness.

God -  Family –  Ministry


Here is where participants grow into disciplined learning, research, reflection, and self-awareness while building capacities essential to sustainability in ministry.

All are welcome to join this thriving environment where participants celebrate their uniqueness as they engage one another in dialogue with experienced practitioners from the broader community of scholars.

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Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education...MLK Jr